Useful tips

Relocation and moving of your personal belongings is an exciting experience, but when you lack a plan or professional assistance things can go downhill.

Plan ahead your move so you won’t miss or forget anything valuable and important.

You shall schedule visit of specialist at your residence for preliminary estimation of goods volume a couple of weeks in advance.

You need to set packing date ahead as well as to complete documentation side to be ready before this date.

Prepare a moving day kit – one box of “essentials” that you’ll need on moving day: cleaning supplies, a change of clothes, toilet paper, garbage bags, kid’s items, your toiletry bag, etc.

Take all your personal documentation (passports, certificates of birth, car documents, financial records) and medications with you for your security and for your convenience.

In order to protect your valuables insure anything that’s costly or breakable and if you’re moving a computer, do a quick backup of important files just in case something happens.

Provide all available contact details to your coordinator so you will be informed about the status of your shipment properly all the way during transit.

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